Monday, October 25, 2010

Cannonball Read

OK, so contrary to what you might assume by the lack of posts to this poor, neglected blog, I have not stopped reading for the CBR-II. It is true that I am no where near my goal of reading 26 books (aka the Half Cannonball), but I have not given up! I'll probably have read 13 books (I haven't actually counted), so a Quarter Cannonball, by the end of this month, which is when CBR-II will be ending. Although far from fabulous, it should count for something, at least.

I'm most of the way through my review of Lucky Jim, and with any luck, that'll be up before long. (This week perhaps?) And then I have several books that are read (many of them months ago) and therefore, need reviews. I expect those reviews will be a bit truncated, both due to the time that has passed since I read them (so my impressions of them have faded), but also, because I'm planning to try the Half Cannonball again for CBR-III, so I'll want time for reading new books (and yes, writing those reviews).

Oh, and did I mention I started a new blog? I decided that Bundt Cake Season™ needed its own blog, so that's rolling, too. Check it out here.